Efficiency Upgrades & Energy Programs in Austin, TX

Energy Program Development

Most buildings consume 20-50% more energy than necessary.

The Go Green Squads team is committed to changing that. Through our professional development of your energy program, we provide a comprehensive report evaluating the energy efficiency of your current systems, specific recommendations for improvement, and partnership in managing the implementation process. No site is too small or too large; we are equipped to handle projects up to 200,000 sq. ft. We include the people and the processes as well. Our goal is to find ways to help you lower your operating costs by at least 20% and improve the energy management of your facility.

Energy Use Audits

Did you know that Energy Audits are now required for all homes over ten years old sold in Austin? Did you know that multi-family buildings are required to have an Energy Audit by June 1st 2011?

An audit might be an even better idea if you’re staying in your home because you reap the benefits of reduced energy bills. In addition, you will improve the air quality, comfort and safety within your home. Plus you will reduce the social/environmental costs associated with your energy use, providing a great service to the community!

Go Green Squads offers a thorough inspection of energy flows to identify waste in your residential heating and cooling systems, as well as doors, floors, ceilings, walls and windows.

At Go Green Squads we believe in measurable results. We provide the Energy Conservation and Disclosure (ECAD) Audits required by Austin Energy, AND the core metrics we collect in our Comprehensive Go Green Squads Audits provide even more vital information than the standards:

  1. ECAD Audits Required for Multi-Family Properties
  2. ECAD Audits Required for Single-Family Residences

When providing upgrades, we provide before and after measurements whenever possible so that we can evaluate the degree of improvements that are implemented.

Efficiency Upgrades

Efficiency Upgrades provide the best return on investment.
Because we understand how daunting the task of going green can be, we help you prioritize improvements and implement each upgrade – from small repairs to large renovation constructions.

Go Green Squads not only identifies energy efficiency changes but also manages the process of making these changes, allowing you to know that the job is done right with minimal effort on your part. Your satisfaction is our goal. We will also work with you in getting all available tax credits and rebates.

Weatherization Assistance

Weatherization has become increasingly high-profile as the cost of home cooling and heating has risen.

The US Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)*2 was created in 1976 to help low-income families. WAP reaches across all fifty states and is sponsored in the Austin area by Austin Energy and Travis County. The goal of WAP is to assist low-income families in reducing energy bills through reduced energy consumption, and to decrease dependence on foreign oil by decreasing energy use.