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Whether for a multifamily residence, a business, or an individual home, Go Green Squads knows what it takes to make your buildings energy efficient and save you money on your bills. We provide upgrades, audits, and education for multifamily, single-family, and commercial properties. provide efficient heating and air conditioning systems plus energy upgrades, audits and education for single family, multi-family and commercial properties.

Unlike most service corporations that expanded their services into the green space, Go Green Squads was started expressly as an energy efficiency company with the goal of reducing unnecessary energy use in Central Texas and beyond. We are experts in saving you money and improving the comfort of your home or business.

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  • Our HVAC Technicians correctly size, install and maintain heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for efficient operation.

  • Our experienced weatherization professionals use the latest technology to reduce air infiltration, apply insulation and radiant barriers and perform other related measures.

  • Our highly trained, in-house auditors use industry standard tools and techniques to determine the actions required for your home or business, and help you prioritize for optimum impact.

  • Go Green Squads is a qualified Vendor for Austin Energy rebates. Only qualified vendors can get you rebates for energy efficiency upgrades. 

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Go Green Squads Energy Efficiency Services

  • General: hover over "Education" to learn about energy efficiency and "Services" to learn about different upgrades.

  • Multifamily Property Owners/Managers: Hover over the "Services" tab, and be sure to look at GGS Mechanical.

  • GCs for Residential Properties: Hover over "Services" tab.

  • GCs for Commercial Properties: Hover over the "Services" tab, and be sure to look at GGS Mechanical.

  • Homeowners: See "Services" and "Education."

  • New builders: See Third Party Testing.

  • Realtors: Check out the Audits page to learn about required ECAD Audits.

  • Need a Speaker?: See Schedule a Speaker.


Be sure to check out our NEW Energy Detectives series and CEO Susan Meredith's book Beyond Light Bulbs: Lighting the Way to Smarter Energy Management.


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"Go Green Squads worked on our property, sealing them up, making them more efficient, and installing new ACs and appliances. The workers were courteous and everything went well. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with these people should take advantage."

- John Linde, Maintenance Manager, The Heights on Congress

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